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Sadly, as those who receive the infrequent newsletters will already know, the Newcastle site was sold to another party before we could raise enough investment. This was a blow, but has prompted a change of tactic. We need to demonstrate to potential investors that we have the capacity to develop a community, so we're planning a small scale co-living project that doesn't need external investment (and won't have the capacity for tiny houses on wheels). More info will be provided as this takes shape. 

creating affordable housing, sustainably

About Us

LIVE SIMPLY is a social enterprise startup with a plan to create permanent, sustainable, affordable places for tiny and small homes, in areas where people want to live.​ As well as creating communities, we’re advocating for changes to planning law to allow tiny homes in backyards without onerous cost and regulation.


Our plan is to create tiny house communities across Australia, under a caravan park model, but with some very big differences. In these communities, residents can own their land, not just their house. The park can’t be sold to developers. Residents have security of tenure, but can sell their land and/or house if they want to move. 

These communities will be financially and environmentally sustainable. See FAQs for details.

There are opportunities for socially minded investors to be part of this. Please contact us for more information.

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